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1.6 or 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB or 4 GB of SDRAM, 64 GB or 128 GB SSD

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Upgrading Memory on MacBook Air 2011 11 inch Model

This one is quick,

is there a chance to upgrade macbook air mid 2011, 11.6 model DDR3 RAM from 2GB to 4GB?

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No, the RAM is soldered onto the Logic Board. Only the SSD is replaceable/upgradeable.

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+ very correct


I know it is technically very, very hard to upgrade just the rams. So here’s my question: Is it possible to swap the whole logic board (the one that has soldered 2gb ram with an original 4gb ram model)?


Were you able to find an answer to this @emirtuna21240?


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MacBook Air '11 logic board (backside)

Block Image

Note the two rows of chips on the bottom edge these of the DRAM chips which are soldered to the logic board and can't be swapped out.

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I'll just leave it here.


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I know this is an old question but I want to add some information for reference.

This board can support a maximum of 4GB. It is possible to to replace the bga ram chips with hot air soldering. According to the BOM options list for this board it can be populated with HYNIX, SAMSUNG, MICRON or ELPIDA ram chips. They have to be of the same type and of the right type.

Before even considering this type of upgrade you will need experience of similar work or practice. You will also need a schematic of the logic board, boardview software and a board view file of the logic board, a hot air rework station, stencils for memory chips and solder paste or solder balls and flux.

I would also recommend having a micro soldering pencil and to use low melt solder. And a microscope makes it a lot easier. To my knowledge the configuration resistors are 0201 size (0.6mm x0.3mm).

In short: If you have the equipment and the skill it can be done.


Vikstrom - Keep in mind this is not a DIY type of project! I service Mac for a living and even I do dive in to this level of alteration.

Besides, the cost of the parts and getting someone with the needed tools to do it would be prohibitively expensive given what you can buy today for the same amount.


Dan - I agree that this isn't something most people do themself in the weekend. But with a keen eye and steady hands and a lot of practice this is possible. And I still think it's a lie to say that it can't be done...


Alexandr's video shows the kind of procedure that is required. But it isn't the same logic board and therefore the type, and number of ram chips are different. And the location of the configuration resistors are different.


Are you sure the macbook air board shown in the initial post is using 2 rows of memory instead of one.. it's not the same model.


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Well if you have the equipment and the knowledge, yes it can be done, but the question is, should you do it? Probably not, its an older macbook and its not worth it

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that's the fun part, question isn't here of whether it's worth it, but can it be done. Here's one example: I have an old iMAC mid 2011 that financial might not make any sense to try and fix, yet I got it restored, works actually pretty good with current 4GB RAM (granted, this one is simple, upgradable without having to play with any onboard modifications etc), but this machine was gonna be thrown out by the person I gave it to 10 years ago, that brought it to me. It's now a fully functional machine, upgraded to High Sierra and runs super great (runs better than Sierra, and of course without mods, won't run other OSs higher than high sierra, but i'm ok with that for now). So financially it costs more in time to deal with it, but it's fun.

I also have the macbook air 13in mid 2011, same story, looking at that and options for upgrades to speed it up. It's more of a cool factor to see what you can do with it.


@dmitriivanenko - Tricking up a car is no different! It can be very cool, but there is a point it’s a deep money pit!

Our focus here is what 80% of the population can achieve on there own to keep their gear working. While we sometimes dabble into discrete parts which need soldering we try to stick with the easy stuff.

Soldered Flash & RAM chips require the board to be pre-heated to be done right and even the removal process can damage the logic board which is sometimes not repairable.

Unless you have the skills & tools I wouldn’t do it!


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My MacBook air mid 2011 ram is not working, where to get chips of it?

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Best to just replace the logic board or find someone with the deeper skills and tools to fix your logic board.

You wouldn’t go to your dentist to do brain surgery would you?


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