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Whirlpool washer error F25


A 3-year old Whirlpool washing machine stopped working. At the very beginning of the cycle it turns the drum a tiny bit and stops with the Draining red light blinking. I read error code and got F25.

I did what was was recommended here for similar questions: took off the front, wiggled all connectors on the control panel and what I could reach by hand at the bottom. There is no corrosion, all clean and tight.

Under the drum, I found a plastic part that broke off, see pic attached. I can’t find where it belongs to. Can it cause the issue here?

Other suggestions?

Thank you

Block Image

Update (10/08/2019)

Model WFC7500VW 2

TYPE: 826-02


Thank you

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Boris Dainson what is your washers complete model number?


I looked at the parts tear down and could not spot the part. Maybe @ladytech has a clue.



its for shipping it holds the drum in place it was removed when installed they just didn't catch that one.


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Boris Dainson F25 is a DRIVE MOTOR TACHOMETER ERROR. The machine is not sensing the proper rpm. This error is one of the toughest one since it really does not narrow it down. I would do plenty of testing before replacing the expensive parts. I am absolutely convinced that the broken part has definitely something to do with that. Check your complete motor/drive set up tp see if you can narrow it down.

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Thank you oldturkey03. I took the back off, but still can't see yet where the part broke off.

I also reset connector on the motor. Struts and the belt look good. Still same problem.

Will continue tomorrow evening.



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The part is just a retainer. It secures either a dispenser hose or wiring. It probably came of when you took the top off. It will not cause a problem other than you might hear a tapping noise from the hose or wiring that it held in place. If your washer isn’t draining fast enough the tub won’t reach desired speed. I would take the pump off and inspect the hoses to it. Look for lint buildup, coins, etc…. Do this with the washer unplugged. While you have the pump off, inspect the impeller, and make sure nothing is clogged or stuck in the pump. If you have a multimeter you can check the windings on the pump motor. Turn the tub with your hand, does it spin freely or do you hear it dragging on something. You might have a piece of clothing stuck between the inner and out tubs. You’ll have to fish around with a piece of wire to get it out. Check all hoses for a restriction. If all are clear reassemble the washer and put it on a spin only or drain n spin cycle. Still have the error, find the tech sheet inside the washer. It will have the instruction on how to go into diagnostics and recalibrate the motor speed. I doubt this is the issue. My money is on a failing my pump or something not allowing the washer to drain properly, a restriction.

The instructions on the tech sheet are step by step easy to read. Recalibration got the motor speed is usually don after the motor or motor board is replaced, although, I have had to recalibrate it once due to a slow spin. Never understood how it lost it calibration. Good luck.

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