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MacBook not starting at all

So my MBP was always working perfectly until I turned on my washing mashine in the same electric circuit. Then the breaker had popped and I had to put it back in.

However my desktop computer is worked fine after an hour snd my MBP does not power up since then at all. There is just nothing happening…

The green light from the MagSafe is working and the battery seems to be charged (indicator at the left side shows 5 of 5 green LEDs).

Any suggestions? Is there maybe some sort of overvoltage protection which I could reset or replace?

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Not good ;-{

Your logic board got hit by a ground loop condition. Basically a surge traveled up to the system from either the charger (3rd party) or one of your other connections (USB, FireWire or Ethernet connection).

Lets try this Hail-Mary - Disconnect the charger and other connections, then the battery internally, press and hold the power button for a good minute. Now plug in your battery and MagSafe charger. Now press the power button any reaction?

Follow these steps: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.53 GHz Mid 2009 Battery Replacement

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Thank you but nothing happens still. If your assumption is right, which parts need to be replaced?


Try with the battery unplugged then plug the charger in. The MacBook should turn on by itself.

If it does then we may just have a bad battery here.


@benjamen50 - Both indicators (charger & battery) here are showing power.

I doubt the battery is the issue on why the system is not starting up. Yes, the battery likely needs to be replaced given the systems age. But, it should at least startup at this point.

'The green light from the MagSafe is working and the battery seems to be charged (indicator at the left side shows 5 of 5 green LEDs')"


With removed battery the system does not start with the magsafe plugged in.


That only happens with the MacBook Air's or newer retina models. The Unibodies need the battery. Sorry I forgot to correct that.


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