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A redesigned Sorento (codename XMA) was launched in South Korea in 2009 as a 2010 model. The second generation was Kia's first model to be manufactured in the United States.

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Turn signals, windows, door locks, tailgate, high beam

I just have new headlights, bumper and hood installed on my 2014 Sorento. Now my turn signals, power windows, power door locks, tailgate, high beams, and headlights have to be turned on manually… what is going on?! Is there a ground that supports all of this ?

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@truax031502 by manually I assume you are saying you have to use the switch whereas before those come on by itself?


Yes that is correct, it has an option where the lights will come on by itself or you can twist the knob and turn them on.


@truax031502 did you make sure the option is turned on


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@truax031502 make sure that you have the Auto light position turned on.

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