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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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My Y tip screw is stripped! What do I do?

I was trying to fix my drift problem in my right joycon controller when I stripped the screw when trying to open the back plate! The screw is in a little hole and I’ve tried many things like the rubber band technique and super glue but I don’t know what to do to remove it. Unfortunately, I live outside the US (in Thailand) and there are no Joycon repair stores (let alone nintendo stores) near me. However I am visiting the US this winter and heard that Nintendo is no longer charging a fee when repairing the drift issue in joycons, but I’m not sure if I’ll still be charged due to the stripped screw? If you have any information (about the screw or the repair in America) please respond :)

thank you!

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yes, Nintendo is giving free repairs. I sent my joy-cons and one had a missing A button and when they returned my joy-con had the button back. all you have to do to send the package is to go to Nintendo support and click on the repairs, you will have to put some information, then you will get an email with the ups label with your information on it then you will have to put your faulty joy-con in a plastic bag for protection. It will take a couple of weeks for it to return. Hopefully, I helped you with your problem.

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Have it sent to the USA address you will be at.


Also, make sure someone is at home to get the package because they could steal it.


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I’m hoping for a better answer, but I bought a new shell and just broke the back piece off and replaced it with the old back shell… Hope there’s a better solution out there

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something like EZ Grip Aircraft Grade Friction Drops (search term for other brands is friction drops)


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