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Precision driver to 1/4" shank bit adapter

I want to be able to use my 1/4” bits with the precision drivers I have. I’ve looked locally but couldn’t find such a thing. The piece I need could be either a female to female 1/4” hex since I already can adapt my precision shank to a 1/4” shank, or, preferably, I would like to go directly from a 4mm shank to a female 1/4” hex or even a chuck that could work with 1/4” bits would be kind of ok. Thanks for any input… I’ve already heard this is a weird request from a few people.

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I think the easiest solution would be to take a precision bit you don’t need, and attach that directly to a 1/4” hex bit with something like J-B Weld SteelStik.

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