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Released March 2017, Identified by model number SM-J727

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J7 Crown Black Screen

I have a J7 Crown S767VL that has no screen display it stays black phone is still powered on and when I try to hard reset it doesn't fix the issue I have tried to power off by holding power + volume down button for 20+ seconds and after about 15 seconds of holding buttons it vibrates every 1-1.5 seconds and does not power off. I have been attempting to factory reset with black screen with no luck and have exhausted my options available online. Please give me suggestion(s) on what I can do it is a straight talk phone.

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It sounds like an LCD fault. Has the phone been dropped in water or dropped on a hard surface?

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I do not believe it has gotten wet or dropped, it is in pretty pristine condition as far as I can tell I was thinking it was a corrupted firmware issue


You will need a new LCD if you haven taken phones apart then you can replace the screen yourself or take it to a repair shop. It will be a whole lot cheaper replacing it yourself if you do that go here https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Digit...


Is there a way to try to perform a factory reset without the ability to boot in recovery mode and being unable to do it through settings?


Hope this helps


Yes if you have a computer


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