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OSX 10.5.8 internet/ websites not working on MacBook Pro a1260

My MacBook is still running on OSX 10.5.8 because I was afraid if I upgraded to a newer OSX I’d lose my entire CS5 Adobe Suite ( I got all 20 programs installed 8 years ago for free & don’t have the money to pay for the online CC) Problem now is that pretty much all internet websites are not loading on MacBook Pro with the exception of google search.

SO.. will upgrading to 10.6 erase my CS5 suite? And is upgrading even possible at this point? It seems I have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first no matter what. Then i’m not sure where to go from there, if I have to pay again for each OS or if the uogrades from there out are free AND if my computer and Adobe programs can even support the newer OS??

thank you!

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Here's your series specs A1260

El Capitan OS-X 10.11.x is the newest OS-X your system will run.

How are you connecting to the internet? Using a WiFi connection or using Ethernet connection? I would try the Ethernet connection.


Oh interesting to know, well I have to buy 10.6 apparently to even upgrade at all. Then once I have that, I can get upgrade to El Capitan  for free right?


Sadly yes, Apple gets you here. If you have a friend they may have it.

Now you do have a wrinkle here! The certificates these older OS installers have long since expired! So you'll need to alter your systems date back to the time point the installer was workable for the certificate check to pass.

Here's a bit more on that If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today


@danj FYI Am working on a 2010 iMac and trying g to install High Sierra. Tried several copies of the install and they all told me they were damaged. I turned off my wi-fi, ran the clock back two years and am having no problems with the install (another screw U deal from Apple).


@mayer - Yes! Apple does its best to convince you to upgrade your hardware! And if you're happy with what you have, making dam-hard to even fix your older OS.


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Upgrading to El Capitan, that is if I remember correctly the latest OS your Mac can take natively, should not erase the programs you have on it. Not sure it can be upgraded in one go or another intermediate OS would be needed for the jump. However you can expect some problems might arise and as usual it would be a good practice to have an external backup at hand. An external drive and time machine should be all you need. The other issue you may expect, although I don’t know much about those Adobe programs, is that they may be no longer usable/compatible with an OS released years later. I believe you should be able to find detailed info on the developer site about that matter.

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Thanks for the insight. I’m trying to research online but it’s hard to find a correct answer and some people complained that their CS5 had many issues after upgrading. And some said that it wasn’t compatible with certain OS. I’m assuming it would work with at least the next version. I just didn’t know if it was possible anymore and also free. It seems like maybe I’ll have to buy a disc or something of the next version which I guess is lion?


@bigtyme107 It won't make much of a difference to upgrade to Lion, you'll have the same issue as far as web browsing is concerned. Most developers have long abandoned supporting anything before El Capitan already.


@arbaman - It's the version of HTML the web browser supports most sites only support HTML5. These older versions of OS-X's Safari is are not able to render this newer HTML5 code.


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Can I buy a used retail install disc?? There's a lot of people saying there's no need to buy a new disc for snow leopard 10.6 since it was before Apple used serial numbers that prevented more than 1 install.

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Apple never serialized the OS. You can use the CD/DVD over and over again with multiple systems. Legally all you needed to install it on a real Mac.

Look at eBay for a retail version of Snow Leopard. Just make sure its a real Apple disk not a copy.


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