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The second generation of the Ford Ranger, featuring a mild restyling and new engine sizing.

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Why is it impossible to shift gears when my 1995 Ranger is hot?

I can drive my 1995 Ford Ranger for 30 minutes , and then it becomes impossible to shift gears until it cools for 90 minutes. What is wrong with my truck ?

Update (11/08/2019)

The 1995 Ford Ranger with a 2.3 liter engine has a 5 speed manual transmission.

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Auto or manual?


Hi @dtennisman ,

Have you checked the level of the transmission oil in the gearbox?

Do this on level ground.


Did you rebuild or buy it


I will check the transmission fluid level, that seems like an important thing to do. I did not rebuild the transmission, it is original equipment with probably 200,000 (the odometer died 12 years ago), or more miles on it.


Noah, thanks for the suggestion, but I definitely don’t grind my gears.


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If the gear shifter goes directly into the gearbox through the floor, remove all the components to inspect the plastic or teflon bushing just inside the gearbox that the gear shift pivots on, it may be broken into pieces.

If your gear shift goes to some linkages, disconnect them one link away from the transmission and see if you can change gears manually from under the vehicle, this test will check for bad bushings in the linkages one link at a time working your way back to the gear shifter, dont get run over, be super safe please.

It may also be possible that the clutch master or slave cylinder is not pushing on the throw out bearing to release the clutch when hot. Check the distance of the slave cylinder travel when cold and when hot. Fluid may be bypassing a soft seal when hot.

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