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Why don't the interior lights come on when opening the right side do

I have a Samsung French door fridge model RF25HMEDBSG/AA

The interior lights usually come in when either door is opened. Today the lights stopped coming on when opening the right door. The lights come on when the left door is open. I have tried all combinations of opening the doors in different order. It doesn't make a difference. It used to work and now doesn't. Since the lights all come on when the left door is open I'm guessing there is some sensor somewhere on the right door that is malfunctioning. Help please.

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I have the same issue bu my fridge is RF28HMELBSR. Can let me know what I need to fix this situation? Thank you


I had the same problem. Samsung suggested I "reset" the unit by turning it off for 5 minutes but it didn't help. I watched this dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxPRIS7Q... and went up to check on my magnets. They were there and I was going to try to swap them out to correct/create the same problem on the opposite doors. I went to remove the magnet and I at a minimum moved it a fraction of an inch, I quite possibly scratched it using the tools I was trying to remove it with. I didn't completely remove the magnet, just tried to remove it and it caused the light on the bad side to work again. So far, so good. I would suggest trying to remove and reinstall the magnets and check on your success while doing it. The magnet may not have to be completely removed.


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Hi @livetobike

Here’s a link to the parts for your refrigerator.

Type magnet in the search box to find the door reed switch magnet part locations for the fridge. I think that the magnet for the right door is part #2-4.

This should help you find the appropriate door reed switch location in the fridge cabinet section.

If you type reed in the search box you will find the door reed switch parts in the fridge.

Hopefully you’ll be able to match the door magnet location to the door reed switch location to get the correct part.

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Hi @ jakub.dziemaszkiewicz,

Here’s a link to the parts for your model refrigerator.

if you type the word switch in the “Enter part name or number” search box on the page it will show the location of all the door reed switches and magnets.

Hopefully a start

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