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Why won't my system menu show up?

I turned off my ps3 and went away for a night. I get back, I plug it back in and the system started up and after the "ps3" logo disappeared, the sparkly floaty wave just stays there and it won't go to the system menu and my controllers won't connect.

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I have this problem. When PS3 boots up it says ps3 and photosensitive epilipsey then it lags!! I am so worried!!


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Boot the system to the recovery menu, and restore it manually. However, there's a chance that all data on the system will get wiped, so keep that in mind. Boot it to the recovery menu by turning it off, then holding the power button down until it has beeped three times, and shut down. Then hold the power button down again until it beeps twice and then double-beeps. A message should come up on the screen telling you to connect a controller with a USB cable. Do so, then select "Restore Default Settings." When the process completes, reboot the console, then boot it to the recovery menu again and select "Restore File System." Reboot it and boot it to the recovery menu one last time, and select "Rebuild Database." Reboot the console, and see if it boots to the XMB (Home Screen)


The Recovery Menu Will Look Like This:

Block Image

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Will that delete my game data and downloaded content?


It has the potential too, I've never used it on a console with any data on the hard drive, so I'm not sure. Before you try that, just use the "System Update" feature of the menu, and reinstall the system software. That won't delete any of your data.


The problem is I can't go to the menu.


My model is a 80 gb ps3 preowned from gamestop.


Can you get to the recovery menu that I talked about in my answer? You need to do the system update from there.


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