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DMI tool for 00A system board error

Is there a HP DMI tool for 00A system board error. Missing product ID info causing aboot up error? I have all this info to enter into something… Thanks

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Unplug power supply.

Press power button until fans stop.

Reset BIOS. You don’t state which HP desktop model.

There is usually a jumper to short to clear BIOS to factory default. Often near Front Panel connectors.

Plug-in power cable and switch on.

How did it go?

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Do not turn on the pc while the jumper is shorted


@captainsnowball Thanks.....Is this the CMOS jumper pins next to the password jumper pin? Andhowdo I 'short it'? And why? HP 510-a010 model


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Thanks for your quick reply. I have an HP Pavillion 510-a010, bought it new in 2016. I will try your solution and I have jumped the CMOS jumpers but that did not work. Is that what you are referring to? I also think the 4 pin molex cables may be an issue but we’ll see. Thank you, Stewart

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