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A 16 GB Android tablet with a 7.9 inch display manufactured in 2014 by Xiaomi.

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May I know what this specific component in the motherboard does?

Hi there,

I accidentally cracked a component on the Mi Pad’s motherboard while trying to take out the battery. Do you happen to know what it does and if it’s essential that I get the motherboard replaced? I’ve attached a picture with the said component encircled in red for reference (not an actual photo of my tablet with the crack). Though after placing in the new battery and assembling the tablet back together, my Mi Pad seems to work ok. Just wanted to know in case I needed to do something.

Block Image

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An inductor, used in power circuits.

It is possible for the ferrite core or the plastic/ceramic cover (depending on the exact model) to chip off a corner if you accidentally press on it. If the device still works, don’t bother.

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Got it. Thanks for the help!


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