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Seagate Wireless Plus Model: 1AYBA4 Storage: 2Tb https://www.seagate.com/manuals/network-storage/wireless-plus/

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Is that any ways to repair an external hardrive my self?

My Seagate 1Go hardrive is broken (fall on the ground). I did some search and for a problem like I have, they talk about a price of 900 minimum.

This is a bit too expansive so I am looking for some tools (maybe here at the shop), product and tutorial so I can do the repair my self.

Is anyone can help me with that ?

Thank you.

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Sadly, there is rarely anything you can fix on your own with external drives.Replacing the drive is the cheaper solution!

But! Clearly the issue is not the physical drive its the data it holds. Your only choice is to ship your drive out to a data recovery service. Unlike you they have the needed tools & parts to replace to get the drive going long enough to pull the data off. Yes, its expensive! There isn’t anything you can do without the needed clean room.

Take a look at this vid: Hard Drive Data Recovery Service - DriveSavers

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