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The Saturn Relay was the first and only minivan from the Saturn brand of American automaker General Motors and was built alongside its sisters, the Buick Terraza, the Chevrolet Uplander, and the Pontiac Montana SV6.

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Cooler radiator leaking oil replace how

Transmission cooler radiator leaking oil replace it instructions

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Hey, Elisa. Remove the plastic cover under the radiator to access the draincock. You’ll need to drain the coolant from the radiator and dispose of it properly. Disconnect the two transmission fluid lines that connect to the radiator/cooler assembly. Disconnect the upper and lower radiator hoses. You will most likely need to remove the radiator fan and the fan shroud to remove the radiator. Be sure to keep the radiator cap from the old radiator, as new radiators typically do not include a new cap. Remove and replace the radiator and refill with the proper coolant. Reconnect the transmission lines and be sure they don’t leak while the car is running. Check the transmission fluid levels and refill any lost fluid. Let me know if you have any questions about specific steps and good luck with your repair!

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