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Updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook. Model A1534, EMC 2991.

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ppn001 and PFM006 error MacBook 12 a1534 I need fix


I have a problem with my device. Very slow and the sound is not working. I made a new software. The problem was not solved. I installed Windows 10. The removal of the problem exists. The device is very slow and the sound is not working

Upon examination, I see a mistake: ppn001 and PFM006

I searched the internet for the cause of the problem and tried some solutions. You open the device and watch the motherboard

There are no fluids or problems

It was new, I checked trackpad. There are no problems or fluids. I tried SMC Recovery

It has not been restored. And when you open the FaceTime application. A notice shows me that the temperature is high

According to many sites, The reason lies in the temperature sensor

How can I fix it or change it Or can I cancel its effectiveness?

thank you

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no body answer :(

how can i fix


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Both errors refer to the SMC - System Management Controller, which is the power and sensors big boss in a Macbook. Troubleshooting an A1534 is not a stroll, cables are thin and fragile, more like an iPad than a PC.. the logic board is very tiny and with very high density in components. If you want it fixed best thing you can do is to find someone experienced with such boards and keep fingers crossed, not something for a DIY repair, there’s nothing you can do on your Mac without lots of experience and tools

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