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The Samsung Galaxy Ace II X features a 1 GHz processor, a 5MP camera, and a 800x480 TFT screen.

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How to repair water damage phone?


A friend gave is old phone because it not working. After dissembling it I can clearly see that it had been water damage because of the water indicator. It a Galaxy Ace II X. I tried cleaning it with dome alcohol and bought a new battery. After pressing on the power button a can only hear sone crackling coming from the earphone speaker. I tried plugging into a a computer it not detected. Do what should I tried now ?

Huge thanks for the help.

Update (12/22/2019)

Thanks for the answer,

I tried to totally submerge the motherboard in alcohol but it still not working. I search for anything that look bad but it doesn’t seem like there any corrosion on the electronic. I took a picture of it. Huge thanks for the help.

Block Image

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This is a hard question to respond, because many things can have liquid damage inside, but this is my personal rule:

“Inspect for liquid damage and corrosion, wherever is bad or looks bad needs to cleaned be replaced, if liquid touched the motherboard/circuit board, the same rule wherever is bad or looks bad needs to be cleaned or replaced.”

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It looks very hard to fix it on your own. You may try sending it to a pro or a repair center if it is really important for you.

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