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The HP Chromebook 14-x013dx is an everyday use laptop designed by Google and manufactured by HP, released October 2013.

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I can’t find the wifi card

I’ve been watching videos about other laptops, and they all have easy access to their wifi cards, but mine is just none visible. I don’t see it anywhere.

Block Image

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From the photos, I can say it is integrated to the mainboard


Notice the two antenna connected to the mainboard? white and black? (Top Right Side of the mainboard)

If you remove the I/O Shield you will see the wireless chip.

And it is meant not to be user replaceable

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My laptop doesn’t read any wifi connections, why is it?


Hi Phonix477 - 2 videos Diarios

Most probably the wifi card could be faulty, thus not detecting it.


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Did the wifi on the laptop work before? I do not see it where it should be. Did you take another board out? Here is a link to replacing the wifi board.

HP Chromebook 14-ak013dx WiFi Card Replacement

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