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How to recover documents without a screen!

Hi there I have the above g4 ibook and before moving house this year did something I now regret I tried moving all my documents over to a new external hard drive. I copied them over and deleted all the documents and emptied the trash thinking they had moved over successfully but they hadn't only the alias had moved over and when I cam to retireve them from the hard drive it said they could not find the original... Someone has since given me some recovery discs to use but there is a hitch as I have no screen it will hook up to an external monitor but I though i needed not just the screen but another computer to sort this mess out can someone help and give me any idea of how I can even just retrieve the word documents from my mac? I will need it in simple layman terms as I am no computer buff. Many thanks ruth

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You can hook it up in Target Mode (two Macs connected via a firewire cable). Start up you machine holding down the "T" key. You hard drive icon will appear on the other machine when it's booted normally. You can then run your recovery programs. I would suggest recovering to your external drive.

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my concern is that I do not have another mac to hook it up to can this be done with a normal pc???


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Without a screen, you will have to connect another display.

Another way is to connect hard drive to another computer as slave drive (target mode) or external hard drive. If needed, you can download a data recovery program. try this one: hard drive data recovery

hope that you get back all your files.

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If you've already examined the autorecovery files in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 AutoRecovery and there's nothing, you're out of luck.

"Time machine" is a built-in backup tool that works with your Mac and an external drive, As the problem you described, I read it. The files deleted in Trash bin could be a different problem which Time machine can't solve. you can read this article and learn more. I hope it will help.

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