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First available August 2014, identified by model number RCT6103W46.

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How to get around FRP

Performed factory reset, as my brother-in-law has passed away, I cannot provide his “previously used email and password” I need to bypass the FRP security so we may use the device. RCA Atlas 10 Pro-S RCT6503W12 . I wasted hours attempting to repurpose this device. Any help you all could provide would be great. I am a sore looser and don’t want to concede, as this device seems to be in good condition, and could be utilized by a niece or nephew' except for this issue. Google help is like the proverbial 7175 on a warthog.

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Hello, As of now there is no fix. As I stated in my other post it is because you are running Android 7 and above. I am experienced, and have a large network of repair persons looking for me. I have a clients tablet exactly like yours with the same problem. He did not bother to set it up properly. I have spent “Day’s “ trying to find a fix I’ve been close a few times. The Voyager 3 was RCA’s most popular Tablet and the last one w/a fix. There are many fixes on YouTube but they are for phones. This Google FRP is a MESS, most of the people affected are legit. Wish I could help but all we can do is keep looking.


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Hello, As stated in all of my comments. This only works if you have the "ASSIST" Option . Again.... "ASSIST" is not an option above Android 7.


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