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Guides and repair information for Electrolux vacuums.

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How can I fix my vacuum that is blowing rather than suctioning?

Electrolux Precision Clean

Model: EL8805

I have followed troubleshooting instructions in the online owner’s manual. I have cleaned both the cannister filter and the HEPA filter. I cleaned the brushroll. I took the vacuum apart and cleaned all valves and tubes that I could reach. I think the entire machine has been cleaned, but the base is not suctioning. It feels like it is blowing cool air. The wand DOES suction. Thanks for any help. This is not my area of expertise, so a detailed response would be much appreciated. Thanks!

PS - I saw a similar previous post but was not able to use it to solve my issue.

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Sometimes the hoses are hard to check. Try taking the end off and make sure you can run a smaller hose pipe through it. A lot of times I have pushed a wire through and that was no enough to clear the clog I needed something bigger to find or remove the clog. Still think it is clogged up with dirt. ;-)

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Len, thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply. I will pocket this for future reference. A relative who visited over Christmas suggested holding down the brushroll reset button and thought something had gotten caught in the brushroll and caused the suction to shut off for safety. This was the case! I am embarrassed that it was that easy but glad to have a working vacuum. Thanks again for your help.


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