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Repair connector on HP charger


The connector (USB-C) on my HP charger needs to be replaced. So I got a cable to cut it in half and solder the wires on this new cable’s wires.

The HP charger has no shielding and 3 wires : white, black and (thin) blue

I checked some pinouts for USB-C on the web and I would think the signals are the following : white is gnd ; black is vbus ; blue is cc

But then on my other cable, there’s only 2 wires.

So my questions :

Are the signals I determined corrects ?

Should I get another cable with 3 wires in ?

Edit. Charger picture

Block Image

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@esseivan what model is your charger?


I edited the post adding a picture of the charger. From what I found on google (searching for HU10436-15104 at the top right corner), i found the model number : 843319-002


@oldturkey03 Have you got any new information ? Thanks for the help


I did some voltage measurement and I got this :

White - Blue = 2.9V

White - Black = 0V

Black - Blue = 2.9V

And resistance between Black - Earth (from power plug) = 1Mohm

So Black may be the ground wire, but it seemed stranged that it wasn't connected to the casing of the USB C connector itself.

So White should be GND, blue VBUS and black Earth ?

I don't know also I my laptop will support if I wire this the wrong way, so I'm afraid to test this on my laptop, but I don't know what else I can try this on.


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So your trying  to splice in a piece of cable that you’ll solder on both ends...one side to the existing USB-C (male) connector and the other back into the 3 wire cable going into the power brick?  For sure you’ll have to match up the number and size of each conductor.  According to some online literature, we are looking at USB-C Power Delivery (PD).  The Red wire is your VCC, the blue is CC (control) and the Black is the Gnd. The CC wire allows for signaling if the voltage needs to change for the sink (load…your laptop, in this case).

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I also get the USB connector from the cable.

Then I tried soldering a 100k trimmer between gnd and cc wires to try to simulate the rd (or rp, I don't remember) resistor from the laptop but I only managed to get the charger to output 5v, I couldn't get it to output 12v, neither 15 (he is able to). So I'm not sure if there's communication going on the cc line as well. (The laptop is not charging with 5v)


Take a look at https://www.st.com/content/ccc/resource/... and maybe it will help?


Yeah, so it looks like the computer needs the cc line as well, it doesn't just uses it to connect the resistor, it may also detect the cable


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Hello @esseivan I have a similar charger and have exact same issue. I am getting same 2.9v reading between black - blue and white - blue. I want to change the type c connector but unable to figure out which wire to connect with which pad. There are three cables but the connector has 4 pads (G, D+, D-, V), please help

Block Image

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