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Repair for cars and trucks manufactured by German automaker Mercedes-Benz.

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Rear headrest deployed. How do I get them down

2001 CLK Convertible my rear headrest deployed. How do I get them down

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richard morris check this video and see if it works for your model as well. Or you can try what works for the 2000 CLK . You can reset them with the button that you normally use to adjust your headrest. To reset the rear headrest, which MB calls a roll bar, press the upper half of the button and hold it for 8 seconds until you hear the mechanism engage, then press the lower half of the button to lower the headrests.

Update (01/09/2020)

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Block Image

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Thanks oldturkey03 your Vedio is for a 2005. My car is a 2001. I tried pushing the button to the left of flasher and it did nothing


@richard morris I added the instructions from the 2001 CLK owners manual.


Hello. I have 2004 clk 500 that I cannot figure out how to lower the rear head rest. this car does not have the roll bar button thanks.


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How do you get them back up I heard the noise on the button but nothing move thanks

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