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88 Mazda 626 2.2L crank no start no fuel pressure

I have a 88 Mazda 626 dx with the 2.2L. The car was stalling out but stayed on the force feed fuel but turned off when let off the gas. Replaced the fuel pump fuel filter spark plugs and wires cap and rotor ignition coil and battery and it just cranks with no start I pulled the pump out and ran direct power to the pump and it ran good. But still not getting any fuel in the lines to start. When thru all the fuses and the only one that was blown was the fog lights. Can’t seem to find the fuel pump relay. I did unplug and test all the plugs for the relay to see if their getting power without a crank and they all seem too. So I’m stuck. Please help. No inursa switch either….

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@turnothisb it will run if you apply direct power to it but not when it is connected to the wiring harness etc., is that correct?


Yes that’s correct. So I hard wired it to a toggle and to the battery now I’m getting fuel into the lines but I got a hiss like sounds by the fuel rail if I flip the toggle off the hiss goes away and the car still won’t start.


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@turnothisb your fuel pump relay should be in the under-hood fuse block. Check on your fuse block cover and see if you find EGI Main Relay ('Electronic Gas Injection' Main Relay). Remove it and check the contacts. If nothing else you can also try to bypass the relay. Also check under the passenger seat to see if you have a fuel pump controller hiding under there

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