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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an Android smartphone that was released in November of 2016.

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samsung j2 dash phone turns off

My samsung galaxy J2 dash turns off all the time. I have charged it, I’ve taken the battery out, replaced it and it still turns itself off. DOES ANYBODY HAVE A SOLUTION?

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Same problem i tried to much but it doesn't matter


Yes not start my galaxu j2


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Below mentioned are some of the reasons for Mobile turn off automatically as follows, you may check out em firstly.

Check your applications - Try and think back to when you first started noticing your phone powering off and uninstall any applications that you might have downloaded, or updated, around that time. Try your phone on Safe mode and see if it fixes it.

Battery check - Tap on Battery Information, then check on the batteries health and make sure it says good. If it says poor or unknown error then power off the phone for some time and then power the phone back on.

Android version - Go through and remove unwanted apps and try restarting the phone, until there are no more apps that you personally downloaded on the device via some of the Sharing application.

Battery Pull - Before looking into performing a reset on the phone pull the battery out and make sure that it’s still in good shape.

Backup and Factory Data reset - If all these can’t resolve the problem, tryperforming a reset on the phone, make sure back up everything on the phone before hand.

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I had this problem with my Samsung J2. It seemed to be randomly shutting down during the night, causing me to be late for work on many occasions. I tried all the steps suggested by all the “experts,” checking the battery was installed correctly, doing a restart ( which made no sense considering that's what the phone was doing anyway ), checking apps that I had installed…nothing worked. Therefore, I started tracking when it did this and realized that it was happening every Wednesday morning at 3 AM, so I knew it had to be a setting on the phone. Honestly, by accident I found “auto restart” hidden in the settings, and it was set for 3 AM, every Wednesday. What was happening with my phone though is that I had a security code to open my phone and it couldn't restart after it shut down. Sadly, I’m pretty certain I set it to do this after reading that phones need to be rebooted occasionally for optimum functionality, but for the security code it wouldn't work properly. I hope you find this helpful.

Go to Settings, scroll to Device Care, touch the 3 ellipses top right corner, choose (duh) Auto Restart, and choose OFF.

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My phone is turn on but not coming home screen

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