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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is identified by its model number: SM-G960XU. It is the ninth generation of Samsung's Galaxy Series that was released in March 2018. Available in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, and Coral Blue.

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Phone screen damaged after repair

I've just finished replacing the logic board in my dead galaxy s9. Prior to replacing it the screen was perfect.

After putting it back together, my screen has a bunch of LEDs near the bottom that won't display blue colors at all.

Block Image

If I'd have to guess, I might have heated the screen too much when trying to remove the back cover/battery.

Question is, does anyone know any way (dumb or risky to the screen itself) to try and fix this situation other than buying a new screen?


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I want to fix the screen on my Galaxy s9


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It looks to be either liquid or heat damage. Unfortunately, if moist/heat damage is the case, you will need to replace the whole screen.

Note: Sometimes, heat damage would only damage the polarizer, not the screen. You will need special machines and skill to replace the polarizer without destroying the screen.

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