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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Broke some pin for LCD connector


Here's the thing

I opened up my iPad, and disconnected my lcd but I forgot about disconnecting the battery first. Then, I saw a spark coming up. When I connected all of the parts, the Apple logo wont show up. But it only showed a white screen with some like lcd burn effect on the screen. And after that I noticed the pin connector for the lcd had some damage.

So my question is, what if I put up a new LCD, will the iPad functional again like usual, or not?

If not, is there any way I could fix the pin connector? I don't have any soldering equipment to do so.

Does the LCD burn effect means the LCD was broken, or just the pin?

Block Image

Block Image

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@fathi_hilmi you will have to replace the connector. If you do not have the tools or experience to do that, I recommend that you find a microsolder expert who can do this for you. Since the cable on the LCD got shorted out, you will most likely have to replace it as well. Cost, availability of a microsolder expert etc.,will depend on your geographical location. It will not work without replacing it.

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Probably blew the filter as well...


Thank you for the replies... Currently it's Chinese New Year, and the one who experts on these kind of things are usually the chinese ones. So, I have to wait until the end of the holiday before I could send it to them. I'll let you know about any update on this matter.


Your device has a simple failure, there are experienced micro-solderers across the world who can easily fix this, no need to wait for the end of Chinese new year...unless you are in that part of the world ;>).


I sent it to the experts and they told me they need to buy the part first... So yeah


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