Oil problem with my 21hp B& S professional - RESOLVED

I have a 21hp Briggs & Stratton professional engine.

I put oil in it and a week later even when it hasn't been ran its empty when I check my oil. I've looked all over and I cant figure out where it's coming out.

Where should I look for the oil leak?

Help please

I figured it out, when I changed the oil I forgot to tighten the drain plug on the end of the hose. I swore I did but I could actually turn it with my fingers.

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I made a similar mistake just a few weeks ago when I did an oil change on my car. Thankfully I caught it before it was too late!


Thank God I didn't just run it without checking my oil. I just sold it 2 days ago for $700, I bought it for $200 two years ago from a guy who thought he blew it up but all he did was put about 2 too many quarts of oil in it lol.


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