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The Galaxy A9 (2018) offers four, count 'em, four rear-facing cameras. Zow. Model number: A920F/DS.

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Samsung Galaxy A10 unable to use when not charging

My phone can only turn ON when on power outlet. As soon as I remove the charger, it goes OFF. I tried pressing the power button but still won’t turn ON unless its plugged to the power charger, it will turn ON. And after 1 minute it goes OFF again then goes ON by itself without me doing anything to it. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. I can’t use the phone. it is still new. I purchased it October 2019.

Please HELP me fix my phone issue

Thank you

Vali R

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@vrarabun this sounds like an issue with your battery or charging circuit. Since It is a new phone I would at least contact either the vendor you bought it from or Samsung directly and have them fix it under warranty.

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