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The 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A8+ smartphone released in January 2018.

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Can receive calls, but not from two numbers

I can make calls no issues, I also receive calls except when my grandfather and sister try from their landlines it has either a busy signal or it says “All circuits are busy" I am able to phone them though. I checked block list, they are not on it. They were able to call me fine yesterday.

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  • An all-circuits-busy message or a fast-busy tone means that there aren't any free outgoing lines. It happens occasionally that more people call than there are available phone lines. Simply hang up and try again. A phone line should free up shortly.
  • This message can indicate a service outage such as a cut cable or equipment that's been damaged by weather.
  • If you continue to get this message, note when the problem began happening and/or what time of day it happens most frequently, and contact to your carrier or landline phone company

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