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The Asus U56E is a 15-inch Windows laptop released by Asus in 2011.

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worth upgrading my asus u56e

got an e-mail from you guys .. in there it talked about updating this guys old laptop. well i have a asus modle#u56e. would like to know if its even up gradable ..i did switch to win. 10 and it has all the wind. updates havent updte bios or anything else..in the e-mail they used a ssd hard drive and some new memory …??? what can “i” do to mine to make it better.. im retired so no work related stuff done on comp. do have office home 2007.. “help pls.”!!!!!

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hi, could change the wifi board? Which? Thanks


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Yes it is VERY upgradable.

Now before doing anything else unplug the charger and take out the battery!

The fixit guide for screen replacement shows how to remove the hard drive and where the RAM slots are:

Asus U56E Laptop Screen Replacement

The latest BIOS version is 213. What is yours?

How much RAM do you have at present? The Asus U56E maximum is 8GB (i.e. 2 x 4GB)

A SSD hard drive would make a big difference.

If you need more help just ask.

Your laptop is a “puppy” compared to the “ancient” 2005 DELL laptop I upgrade to an SSD drive, so again yes upgradable.

Here is another guide to the RAM and hard drive - you just need to go to step four:


Just three screws to open cover. You are so lucky!

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everything on the comp. except the battery is as it was bought.. no the bios has not been updated yet, everything i have found bout that kind of update suggests “NOT TO DO THE UPDATE” i would love to know MORE BOUT MY COMP…. i want to keep what i have ,i like it alot, it works nothing wrong with it, i just want to make it “ BETTER”… thanks for the reply!!!!! pls. tell - show me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like what else do you want to be shown?


i updated my bios and man what a diff.!!!! also updt. from win.7 to win. 10 had win.10 before i updt. my bios. after bios updt. win.10 went from 1min.30sec to load sign in page to 10-15 sec to load sign in page!!!!! and yes i have max mem. @2x 4 gig. sticks... im also looking at 1-2 tr.bite ssd hard drives.. heard that samsung#1 and sandisk#2...????? what are your suggestions ??????? also what should i do with the dvd player??? since everything is now downloadable from the web should i even keep the dvd player???? what are your thoughts????? THANKS !!!!! scott........


@scott johnson

Hey that's great. Well done.

Personally I would use a smaller SSD as the main drive, maybe 240GB, for the Windows operating system and get a hard drive caddy for the DVD slot. (note: different thicknesses could be 7, 9.5 or 12.7mm so make sure you get the right one)

Then put your old drive in the caddy and use it for file storage of installation files, videos, music, etc.

As for model of SSD just look at Read and Write specifications, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Look for sales.


I have the same notebook and will be looking to upgrade. Thank you for the information.


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