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Model k52t38 (also known as the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)—an Android smartphone with a 5.5" display, first released in 2016. Available in Champagne Gold and Platinum Silver.

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Suggest me a tool to read EMMC

Hi All,

Can anyone please suggest me a good and cheap tool to read data of my phone’s EMMC?

The phone is completely dead and I really cannot afford data recovery.

Thanks in advance


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@sathyanarayanan take a good look on here not simple but it may work. I would attempt to at least fix the phone to get it to a point where it will stay on long enough to move files etc.

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I had seen this thread before, but my phone was dead short and technicians in my area said its not repairable. Help me please..


What have you tried to repair your phone? What happened to it that it is dead? Once you have a dead phone there is not a lot you can do. The memory is definitely not easy to access and there is not easy or cheap way to do it. You need to get your phone to power on.


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