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The smaller, economical version of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Why my phone keep vibrate when charging it with charging port?


I have a question about my s10e

when I turn off the phone and charging it with charging port, it will just continuously vibrate but not charging or turn on the screen, and when I turn on the phone, it won’t charging when I using charging port, but when I charging it with wireless charge it working normally.

I try many cable or adapter, but it still happen.

is this happen due to the bad charging port or bad chip ?

thank you ~

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It seems that the power adapter or USB cable is faulty. If your charging accessory isn’t working correctly, it may have difficulty connecting the phone to the power source, making it vibrate each time it reconnects.

How to fix? Check the charger or cable for external damage and make sure the connectors are clean and debris-free. Examine the charging port on the iPhone to see if it has any dust or debris in it. If it does, clean it out gently, making sure to pull dust out rather than push it in. If you have an alternative power adapter or USB cable, swap it for the original and see if that charges the iPhone without making it vibrate.

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hi I try few cables or adapters, and I also clean the charging port but it still happen ~


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