Black Screen and other Catastrophic Issues

So this is my first time getting on a forum for this, I should’ve years ago. I have the Macbook Pro Early 2013 15” Retina 2.4 GHz model. I’ve had it since 2013, received it in college for editing with Adobe. Over the years I replaced the battery and the DC in port, which both work fine now. I have twofold other issues:

1) My HDMI and Displayports quit randomly one day about three years ago. If I connect at TV to it, the TV will flicker as if it detects something plugged in, but the Mac does not send an image out.

2) Years ago I developed issues in restarting, that it would open to a black screen unless I closed my laptop, opened it again, and repeated that process until the screen came alive to the sign-in menu. This hindrance to a proper restart has prevented me from updating anything for several years now. Lately it has gone bonkers, and now my computer will crash randomly if I am not connected to power. This morning I opened it up, it was fine, and a few seconds later it crashed. It took me probably ten minutes of holding the power key, resetting the SMC, and opening and closing the screen to finally get this thing on again.

So those are my issues. Is it a logic board malfunction? I know on eBay I can find logic boards for Macs as old as mine, I am just wondering if these issues will be solved by replacing that part or if it’s something else. I also wonder if replacing the logic board will effectively wipe the computer. If replacing the logic board is the solution, I’m more than capable of replacing it myself, as I have used Ifixit in the past to replace the DC in port.

I look forward to the help! Thanks everyone!

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