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The HP Split x2 is a 13" hybrid tablet/laptop combination was sold in mid-2013. The HP split is easily identified by its pull apart design.

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Can I put newer motherboard from future model?

I have a hp split 13 x2 m010dx and it doesnt have a good processor that will do much, I am on a tight budget and I cant afford a new one right now, however I am thinking about either putting a motherboard maybe from the r010dx hp split or manuaally upgrading the fan with maybe a better motor if its possible to overclock? any ideas?

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im trying to hit at least 1.5ghz or 1.6ghz



Have you upgraded RAM and drive to SSD yet?


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installing a motherboard from a different model wont work. To be honest getting a laptop refurbished from a good company would most likely in my opinion be a better option. I sell Laptops with i5 3rd Gens and SSDs in them for only around 100 in my store. I’m not sure about anywhere close to you. Alot of places try to rip people off. But i would suggest going down that route.

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thanks, i will look around for this store


if you need anything feel free to contact me. We have an ebay store. And a website to purchase from. Or you can always contact me through email. Info@das.repair


thanks, if i get the money i will be sure to have a look


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