Is there a way to bypass the battery on a mbp retina 2015?

Hi everybody,

A month ago my battery (2015 retina macbook pro - Mojave OS) stopped charging and there is no green and orange light coming from the magsafe. Although charger works fine (I’ve tested it on another mbp).

Battery is recognised by the OS showing the percentage left and everything, the only thing different is that shows a “battery not charging” message.

The problem is that now it went fully discharged and my laptop can’t start up because it’s asking me to charge the battery even when it’s plugged to the AC adapter.

So, is there a way to bypass the battery and just use the power cord?

I’m at Dominican Republic right now so there’s no way to take it to an official service, (also i’m guessing it will be very expensive) and I don’t want to remove the battery because it reduces the system’s performance dramatically.

Any help/tip will be much appreciated.

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