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Heating up- the fans are at 999 and freezes


I have Macbook pro 1,1 A1150.. 2GHZ

[Up to Dated SMC and firmware]

The system fans never kicks in, It seems that they stay at 999 rpm even with high CPU usage and it is burning hot..

I ran Apple Hardware Test and all test are passed....

When I ran the temperature software it shows the temperature of CPU idle 50+C and the Fan is 999 RPM..

I even installed iCyclone to control the temperature it does a good job but only if you are inside OS.

If i get in to Single user mode or watch Youtub it almost burning and freezes ...

I did a SMC and PRM reset.And a clean install of 10.5.4 still the same problems.

Plz help me what is wrong with this stupid mac bookCON....i m new to mac and i was not expecting that mac would be like this..


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A CPU should never be at 50+C under load much less at idle. I really doubt your fans are the problem since you can increase their rpms with iCyclone. It sounds like what tells the fans to turn on and increase their speed is the problem. Possibly you have multiple problems. I would start with replacing your heatsink and the sensor on it. You can get this on eBay for $10 or less. Instructions for that are here. If the heat pipes (tubes on the heatsink) have been compromised they no longer function properly and don't bring the heat to the cooling fins. They contain a small amount of a liquid, usually ammonia, if it has leaked out then nothing in that system is working properly. The heatsink is not pulling heat from the chips as it should and even if you max out the fans they aren't doing their job either. The fans do not cool the chips they cool the fins at the end of the heat pipes. If the heat pipes are bad the heat doesn't even hit the left or right thermal sensors to tell the fans to kick on because the heat pipes aren't drawing the heat to the fins through the heat pipes. During the process of replacing the heatsink you will need to replace the thermal compound. I suggest using Arctic Silver 5, you can find that here. If this doesn't solve the problem I would replace the left & right thermal sensors. You can get them for about $5 each on eBay.

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Изображение


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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Thanks For the reply,

I opened up the mac and i cleaned...while there i unplugged one of the sensors, and the fans jumped to high rpm... From this test, i think the fan are good and as well as the senors. Now the only thing left is, reapplying the thermal past, and perhaps replacing the heat sink. before doing this I have a question,

If you use iCyclone or any other temp monitoring app does it miss up the Temperature values in the SMC ( thermal management)... I tried to update SMC firmware and it would not update because it is already updated ...


I have never heard of anyone complaining that a temperature monitoring software messed up the values being seen by the firmware or system with an Apple or any other brand of computer/laptop. I have however seen variances in the in the value reported by the system and monitoring software and other inconsistencies. I have seen CoconutBattery report voltages available for the battery to charge when the SMC and iStat could not see it. One of the reasons I suspect you have problems with your heatsink is the system is picking up the 50C on your chip(s) but the sensors to control the fans are not seeing it. I do not think the test you preformed confirms or denies that your temperature sensors are good. The SMC is suppose to tell the fans to max out if certain things aren't "shaking hands" with it. If you need anymore help, please, let us know. It has been a pleasure working with you.


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So, if you use a fan controlling software (like SMCfancontrol) it doesn't work?

And you have reset your SMC and PRAM, which means its most likely the fans itself. Buy new ones here.

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My Macbook fans run extremely fast and the CPU heats up but only when I am on e-bay.com. Why is that? Do they use a process hogging HTML page? Confused

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