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Entry level Epson printer released in 2012.

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Why isn't printing right?

Does not use all colors ink to print and if it does print only line comes out

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Are you using genuine Epson ink or a knockoff? The OEM Epson ink is known to clog these printers more than the clones because how thick the OEM inks are. In addition to that, the problem is made worse by the fact the printhead (micro piezo) clogs easily unless you regularly use it due to the small size of the printheads unless you build some proper redundancy in it like the Precision Core printhead (workforce, most high end photo models), which your XP doesn't have. For printers like yours, the countermeasure to the problem is to exercise the printhead with a simple document which runs all 4 nozzles regularly and does not use a lot of ink. It needs to really work things but files like this just waste ink: SMPTE-color-bars.pdf. I use it to break in freshly cleaned printheads, but not maintenance. TEST in CMYK/LC/LM/LY/LK are enough (you want 1 sheet per color, not just one or two lines).

You can sometimes compensate for the issue with clone ink carts, but you need to regularly keep up with Epson's firmware games where 3rd party ink is a "security risk" which gets blocked in the newer printers from 2010, to today with the black cart and wetness sensor free chip setup. THEY DO THIS INTENTIONALLY, DO NOT BE FOOLED WHEN THEY SAY IT'S "incidental". If you'd rather use OEM ink this is not an issue but beware if you find 3rd party reduces the clogging issue enough to switch.

The temporary solution is a cleaning solution, but the more permanent fix to clogging with Epson is to find compatible ink from 3 good suppliers which doesn’t clog the head as easily, and STOPPING THE FIRMWARE UPDATES on auto updating models. Let Epson live with the fact they created distrust with their “security” updates since the odds of it being exploited on a cheap printer is low; they go after big office printers in offices, not small inkjets and older business lasers used in a private setting like a home office.

The first thing I would try is to clean the printhead using a premade printhead cleaner, especially if it’s consistent. The failure you described sounds more like a clog then a air issue, especially if it’s consistent. Air problems are more inconsistent while a clog is consistent.

If you continue to have issues, it’s due to air in the printhead. Refer to this video to clear the air blockage.

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