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Unable to access recovery mode with external screen

Hi there,

on my old Macbook Pro (Mid 2007, A1226) with a broken videocard/internal display I’m unable to access the recovery mode (Command + r) with an external screen, but resetting the PRAM or entering the boot menue with alt is possible. If I keep pressing Command + r to access the recovery mode I’m just thrown to the login screen.

Why I want to enter the recovery mode? I just have found an old Mac OS HDD (which is accessible on Linux, but not the private folders) and I just forgotten my login credentials.

Is there any hope for me?

Thank you, Carlos


After a few back and forth I was able to solve the problem:

I’ve tried to remove/reset the admin account in the single user mode - with another, even older macbook it fully worked.

I’ve done the following:

Command + s (to enter single user mode)

mount -uw /

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone


After the reboot I have to follow the steps like after the end of the installation of MacOS, enter a name, a username and a password. After that I was able to login with the new admin account and reset the other accounts password.

But with mine Macbook Pro I wasnt even able to access the single user mode, because:

rEFIt is installed….

(Apparently this is why the recovery mode didnt work….)

Some how I was able to enter the rEFIt boot menue and in this menue I had to hit F2 on the Apple Logo to access multiple boot options for MacOS, like the single user mode. Then I was able to enter the commands as above and it fully worked out for me.

Maybe this could help anyone else in the world :-)

Thank you for your great platform!

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This system does not offer recovery options, it’s OS predates when the hidden recovery partition was offered.

Recovery also won’t unlock the discreet user accounts. Booting up using an external drive (FireWire) or a bootable OS-X CD/DVD disk that this system supported is your only option.

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Indeed it does everything I wanted. My main screen or video adapter is broken, so I used an external screen on my Macbook Pro. With this I saw the login screen but unfortunately I forgot my login credentials. To work around this I tried to get into the recovery mode to access the terminal to enter “resetpassword” to reset the password. Unfortunately I wasnt able to access the recovery mode because of the rEFIt boot manager. But as I saw the boot menue of the rEFIt, I was able to hit F2 on the apple logo and rEFIt showed me some boot options, among others “single user mode”. In the single user mode I was able to enter the commands:

mount -uw /

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone


After the reboot I was able to create a new admin user. As I logged in with the new admin user, I was able to reset the login credentials of my old account.

It worked, I’m happy :-)

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