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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Display backlight failures and PMU check fails

Hello. My iBook has had a bad backlight for a long time. Recently I investigated the problem, and temporarily fixed it. Then all insanity broke lose. The display backlight basically does not work at all, and now the computer fails the PMU check. This all happened days later after it was sitting on my desk .It does boot however if I pull the monitor up in weird positions. My suspicion is something is shorted, maybe the display inverter.

As as one large detail, on startup it also beeps loudly for a few seconds. Also it no longer charges the battery, and said battery no longer displays charge.

thanks for any help!

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I’m impressed you’ve gotten this far with this system!

Sadly, this series had its issues. The CCFL back light inverts tend to burn out and the wires tend to fail, The CCFL lamps wear out so you loose brightness as they degrade like your kitchen or bath room fluorescent lights do. They also have Mercury vapor so they need to be disposed of properly and are no longer being made. The older Nicad batteries this series used are no longer being made.

In its time it was a great system! The technology at the time was not overly good from lifespan perspective not only for this system but all being made with the same parts at the same time (IBM, Sony & Toshiba).

You also have other risks as the older OS9 this series uses is not very safe from viruses & malware. Apple has long since stopped any security up dates for it.

So is it possible get going again?

It will take a bit of work locating other systems which still have good working parts to salvage, that’s going to take time and luck as well as a fair amount of money!

Its not a system I would use day to day, its a system I would have on display as it was a fantastic system worth admiring.

So you’ll need to think on what to get to carry you forward for a new system. How about getting a used 2012 13” MacBook Pro? It’s what I would get as a replacement.

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I agree, this system is not for everyday use, I was not planning to, do so. I was just experimenting and wondering if I could get it working again. Thanks so much for your answer. If I do see a replacement monitor, who know I may grab it if it is cheap.


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