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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Power adapter not always working


I have some issues where my power adapter won’t always work unless the cable is pushed in a certain position in the charger.

For some reason I think the pins don’t make proper contact and to get it to charge, I have to tilt the cable’s head in a certain position in the charger in order to make it work.

Any ideas around this problem?

Thank you.

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Theres a few possibilities which could explain your problem. The first is your cable is bad, they do wear out and can get damaged. I would start there, now the rub! Not all USB-C’s cables are the same! The wires within them for the power lines may not be hefty enough to handle the higher current load the charger pushes.

Think of it like trying to use a thin straw to suck up a thick drink Vs using a larger diameter straw. It’s the same here!

So you really need to get this cable USB-C Charge Cable (1 m) or this one USB-C Charge Cable (2 m) Apple’s cables are really the best here.

Clearly the charger would be the next thing that may need replacing, again be very careful! USB-C chargers are not all the same! Between the amount of power they offer the system, the combined Thunderbolt/USB-C standard is still a work in progress! I personally would stick with an Apple unit 96W USB-C Power Adapter. So far I have not seen a good 96W unit form any one else yet.

The last and in my opinion the most important tool you should have is a good USB-C power meter like Satechi USB-C Power Meter. It offers more details than what the system is not running.

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