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The Epson Stylus NX415 is a color inkjet printer. The printer uses T088/69/68 ink cartridges, which use a wetness sensor behind the visible primary chip.

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Error message displayed on printer.

The following error message is displayed on the printer. “ a printer error has occured. Then off the prjnter, then press On button to turn on. See your documentation. “ When this is done the error message is still there, even after unplugging the power and the line to the

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Please tell us the full error message and code if it had one.


It just says error turn off and then on. It didn’t do anything


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  1. Turn off the printer using the Power button.
  2. Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button at the back of the printer.
  3. Turn on the printer but keep the Reset button pressed for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Release the Reset button after a warning page is printed. After a few seconds, another page with the default IP address of the printer will be printed.
  5. Use this IP address to reconfigure the printer to the computer system.

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