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Bose's first wireless noise-canceling headphones, praised for their industry-leading noise cancelation technology and comfort. Released in June of 2016.

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Bose QC35 audio connector is not working

Bose qc35 audio doesn’t work when I plug in the audio cord. Bluetooth works just fine but when I plug the cord in it does not work. I have tried other cords to see if that’s the problem and it still doesn’t work. This leads me to believe that the connector in the headphones is not working properly. (I am plugging it in all the way). If I wiggle the cord in the connector I can hear audio sometimes. I have been reading on the bose forum that this is a common problem.

I understand that the Bose qc35s is not a current model and if the Bluetooth audio still works then this question may not be that important. However, I use these headphones Plugged In every day for music, work, and conversations online. I love these because I wear them for long periods of time and they still feel like I am not wearing anything. I use them plugged in because I hate the latency and much worse sound that you get using Bluetooth. Because these are not the current model they are not under warranty and the answers that I got from support were to ship these back to Bose and spend 200 dollars on a discounted price for a newer model. I just want to fix these if I have the ability. Your time would be greatly appreciated with any advice. Thank you

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So when you wiggle the cord on the headphone side, you sometimes get audio? Or do you mean on the phone/computer side?


I have the same problem. Did you ever get it to work?


I also have this issue


Same issue here. Did anyone manage to find a sollution? Just got into Hi-Res music which is pointless with bluetooth...


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Hi Christopher,

Have you tried doing the procedure for rebooting the headphones?

Turn the headphone off and wait for about 30 seconds.

Plug the headphone into a USB power supply via USB cord and wait 5 seconds. (Power supply needs to be plugged into the wall with power on).

Unplug USB cord from headphone and wait 1 minute.

Turn on the headphone and test if the headphone works properly.

Hope it changes something!

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This actually worked for me after I'd given up all hope. I prefer to connect to the DAC on my pc as the audio quality is way better than just plain bluetooth. Many thanks!


Thanks for the tip. I have a QC II Wireless Bluetooth headphone from Bose which is out of warranty. In wired mode, the audio is good as it was earlier. But when I turn on the Bluetooth or rather the only power switch, I get a constant non-stop beep sound on the right side which houses the power button and volume controls. I tried the same solution with no luck (USB Cable was connected to a USB hub/Laptop that is connecting to Power). I can see the LED glowing. During the charging cycle, when I turn on there is no sound (interestingly). After I remove the USB plug, whether I turn ON immediately or after 1 minute or 2, the sound exists 100% without any difference. Any idea what could be the issue and what are my options please? Bose India is giving the same 2/3 or MRP price as "existing customer offer" which I am not going for. Your inputs are appreciated.


Anand, Bangalore


por favor buenas tardes saludo como en que parte va colocado el cable del audio de pc a la corneta del audio


It didn't work for me. Headphones wouldn't work wired or with bluetooth (I should mention I use them for work on my PC and they are plugged in via the audio cable 100% of the time). They just stopped working although the PC said they were still the default audio output; however, when I plugged them in via the USB charger (not the audio cable) they immediately starting working. Was the first time I used the USB micro-B charger cable.


Thanks a lot, it did work for me..! I rebooted the headphones as suggested and now it’s working with the cable. I’d almost given up but its working now.. thanks!


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I had the same problem but tried plugging the 2.5mm plug into the headphones VERY firmly, and it worked!!

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