Fixing iPod after a short circuit

Hey you guys.

I have an iPod Classic 120 GB.

Some while ago I connected it via an AUX cable to a mixing desk to play some music. When I wanted to put the iPod down on the casing of the mixing desk, sparks started flying. Also the music at that moment was very much disrupted.

The problem causing this, was a disconnected ground cable in the power supply plug of the mixing desk.

After that incident, the iPod just worked fine and I could hear music the whole day long. But when I wanted to charge the iPod, after the battery ran out of power, it showed no sign of turning on. I gave it a whole day connected to a power supply, but still nothing happend.

Now I already tried some things:

1) I tried a new battery, which got me so far as that the display turned on, but it was only a white window. I gave it some time and nothing happened until the battery had no power left. When I wanted to charge the iPod now, it did not even turn the display on. So same as with the old battery.

2) I recently checked the capacitors around the IC Chips 338SO445 and 338SO394. Some of the capacitors seemed to have a short circuit. So after replacing both chips, some of the faulty capacitors did not show a short circuit anymore. But still nothing changed when trying to charge the iPod.

At the moment there is still one capacitor that is short circuiting (but I do not know how to determine what kind of replacement I need for it). Also there are some capacitors which do not seem grounded at all. Can that be a thing or is it actually a fault?

At the moment I don’t not know how to further determine the problem(s) of the iPod. So any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

Also it would be nice to know, how to find a suitable replacement for the short circuited capacitor. And what both of the replaced chips function/job are on the logic board.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


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