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iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Hi I have a 2nd Generation Ipod Touch and I need some serious help.

For starters i've recently updated my ipod with the newest software so I could get some applications and i've noticed that it has been freezing alot when I listen to music outloud, play games for too long and watch videos. I have reset it and restored it about 7 times now but nothing is working?

Secondly every time I connect my headphones to my ipod I cant hear the music, it's like the headphones aren't in properly but they are and i've bought a new pair but still the same thing happens and i've tried so hard to find the answers I need but they say I have to replace the audio jack and I can't afford to spend more money on fixing my ipod......


If you have the right answer or something please email me at fullmetal1923@hotmail.com thanks :)

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Sorry, if you replaced your headphones but still have the same problem, it is time to replace the headphone jack...


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Try reinstalling ios not just updating with itunes

Headphones jack might be dusty or just stuck

be creative but careful inside there ok ;)

Otherwise if the problem presist your ipod needs techical care and must be opened to check cables and maybe replacing parts.

Can it be even corrosion eating slowly your ipod from previous waterdamage?

Guides are all available up in menu

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