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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an Android smartphone that was released in November of 2016.

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My Phone Has Cracked And I Need Assistance

My phone cracked and I want to repair the cracks but don't have any local fix it shop for hours. Can I DIY fix it at home or just cover it up enough for it to not hurt me or be seen

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As far as "repairing the cracks", you really can't. If the glass is cracked on your screen the only thing you can do is replace the screen. On your phone it's not a particularly difficult repair; in fact, it's one of the easiest I've seen as far as cell phones go. Here's a video showing you what you need to do.

how to samsung galaxy j2 broken lcd replacement - YouTube

The one thing I take exception to on this video is that they skipped the step of cleaning the old adhesive off the frame. If you don't do that you take the risk that the old glue will keep the new from sticking well and could eventually lead to the screen coming off. Go around the edge with Q-Tips and some 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and you should be good.

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I agree with @dadibrokeit, you can do it!

I'd like to add some tips:

1. Put packing tape on the screen before you start the repair—this will prevent you from getting shards of glass in your fingers.

2. Warm the screen before you pry off the old one. That will loosen the adhesive enough that you can remove the screen without mangling it the way the hands in the video does. Click through our different screen removal guides for other phones to see how they warm and then carefully pry off the screens.


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