MacBook only powers on after SMC cleared

First, power button seems to do nothing

then, after following steps to reset the smc (shift+ctrl+option+power for ten sec then power button again) i hear it boot and power up and make all the noises but nothing on the screen. I did try connecting another monitor, no avail. After shutting it down and trying to power it on again hitting power once nothing happens. reset smc and it powers again (no display). Tried to reset smc, then boot into disk utility holding cmd+r still nothing.

I think thats it. I don’t know what else to do.

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Can you help focus on which of the many different models Apple has produced.

Locate your systems S/N and plug it into here EveryMac - Lookup Once you know tell us as well!


It’s an a1342


Mid 2012 model


Please look you machine up as there was no A1342 in 2012. There were only two A1342 machines:


I’m sorry mid 2010 my bad


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