Sudden color problem without dropping the iPad: is it the LCD?

Hello everyone

Today, our iPad Air 2 (A1566) from 2016 started to strangely invert colors without being dropped. We first rebooted a couple of times, updated and and closely checked all display settings. (Color inversion? Strange whitepoint setting etc.) But only to find out it is not due to wrong settings.

Then I googled and tried out a few of the “hitting”, “smashing” or “sideways hammering” methodes that could fix a poor connector after an iPad got dropped. But as I already wrote: ours did not drop. That’s probalby why those martial methods did not help.

Take a look a those pictures of the identical photo. Once shown correclty on a normal device and once on the iPad. It seems like only some colors are distorted or inverted. (Click pictures to enlarge)

Block Image

Block Image

And here some more pictures and closeups of the iPad.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here’s a closup of the stangely looking clock icon in the iPad.

Block Image

Any ideas and suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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I guess it is the LCD screen after 5 years of heavy usage.

I would like to replace the entire display with one from Ebay.

Could you insiders affirm this looks like a faulty LDC?

Or does it look like some other component?


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