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How do I remove circuit board from housing

The ECU from new cat engine got the pins wet and needs new plugs. The circuit board is glued to the housing tho and I’m not sure how to remove it

Suggestions / tips are welcome

Block Image

Block Image

Update (05/09/2020)

Block Image

all the info I have on unit

they are very new so no old ones around

I’ll have to try that.. cat wanting like 10k for one

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WOW! Thats going to be interesting to fix. Even if you get the board out, you wont be able to fix this without the right parts and tools. Looks like some of the pins are corroded away. You can clean the plug with isopropyl, 99%. Use a tooth brush or small paint brush. This will clean up the area to see how bad the damage is. Do that and post updated photos.

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I have new plugs already problem is I can’t access back side of board to desolder old ones and install new ones :( hence wondering how to remove board


Pins in the plus are formed as part of plug so they are not removable individuality


@chewychunga Whats on the other side? Would the board be attached to anything in the back?


@casp3rtech it’s a cast aluminum plate with some fins for heat and a tube running across (for fuel so I think there’s a temp sensor on inside) but no mounts or anything


@chewychunga well if it was me in this situation, I would try everything to get it out since it's already bad, nothing worst can happen. Make sure there is nothing on the other side holding the board to the housing and use a heat gun on one edge and try to push a small flat flexible plastic under the board and see if it comes loose. If it does then just do that carefully around the whole board. Can even try some playing cards at first to get an idea of what's going on under the board. If you're lucky, the board might be held in place just in the edges. If you could get your hands on an old unit and just tear it apart and see how its bonded then you can know how to remove your board without any damages. Unless the manufacturer will tell you how to get it done?


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