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Model: ZD-N208 The ZD-N Plus Wireless Controller is a wireless controller that can be identified by the model number; ZD-N208. This item was produced in China by the Dongguan ZD Electronic Technology Corporation.

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Both joysticks arent being readed correctly

Hello everyone, my problem is really weird, because i disassembled my controller to repair it, and when i reasambled it the joysticks started to not working properly, and all the games i played when i use the joysticks, the movements arent being fully detected. For example, when i move the left joystick up to run in a game, the game just read it like i am tapping it to walk. I searched for this problem but noone seems to have it. Please help.

Block Image

this is with any controller

Block Image

this is with my controller

(my controller is an msi gc30 pro but it didnt have the option to put it there and that one was the only that seems similar to mine)

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You can try using something like x360ce to adjust the sensitivity!

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